General Meta Network

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why GMN?

It's a 360° platform connecting a global gaming community with unlimited opportunities in the web3 space

GMN is set to become one of the biggest and most competitive gaming platforms in the market by building a niche for the sole purpose of empowering both gamers and developers. Gamers will be able to enjoy playing a wide variety of play-to-earn games across different genres while exploring many profitable opportunities.

On the other hand indie game developers will soon have direct access to our interactive gaming hub where they will find a large gaming community, advanced payment system and a unique blockchain solely built for the GMN ecosystem.



We have created the best token launch strategy to date, with a focus on transparency and maximum stress resistance in the first months of the token life cycle. We named it ‘Hybrid Fair Launch' and incorporated the most effective solutions to date. Our main mission is to implement stabilizing mechanics to minimize speculative influences during the launch period and incentivize new player attraction.

A real and transparent exchange rate, determined by the demand of the community, is the best outcome of the Fare Launch strategy.

8% Marketing
11% Game Dev.
1% Partnerships
3% Advisors
70% DEX Liquidity
7% CPA Rewards

Public Pre-sale

Yor share
GMN tokens

The GMN token public presale will take place during the whole month of June 2023. All participants will provide cryptocurrency to a shared pool and receive their proportionate share based on their contribution. For convenience, we accept BNB (Binance Coin), BUSDT (Binance USDT), ETH (Ethereum), USDT (Tether ERC20), and XDC (XinFin Network) as payment methods for the presale.

At the end of the presale on July 1st 2023, all participants will receive their GMN tokens in proportion to their contribution and a fair price of the GMNU token will be established based on the collected pool.

All unused tokens will be burned


Unlock and GMNU token

GMN Token Total Saled
1% GMN Token Daily Unlock
6,837.6 GMNU
0.0736% Of Your Total Locked GMN Share

To ensure price stability during the initial months after launch and prevent large volumes of tokens from entering the market, we have locked the exchange of GMN tokens (obtained by presale participants). However, these tokens are available for use in games, allowing you to increase your holdings.

Each day, we unlock 1% of the initial volume of sold GMN tokens. The distribution is proportional to the volume of your GMN tokens relative to the total locked amount at the time of daily unlocking (~00:00 UTC).

You can exchange the unlocked GMN tokens for GMNU tokens at a (1:1) ratio and sell them on our partner decentralized DEX exchange or our P2P platform.

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