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Welcome to the next generation gaming experience. No more meaningless ratings - your results are directly reflected in your wallet balance. The best part is that you can earn money regardless of your level of expertise. The higher the level, the more you can bet.


GMN Games

Welcome to the desert of survivors! A world of adrenaline and betting.

Fierce racers gather in the desert of death in pursuit of survival. Fast racers, rockets, machine guns, spikes and oil obstacles. There is barely any time for calculation. Think fast, choose a strategy, use the features of your car, collect track bonuses and destroy your rivals.

Collect the bank when you win, load the weapons, fill up your tank and start again.

Gas Dust

Stop the infection, eradicate the zombies and eliminate the viruses spread points.

Join an operational detachment to clean up the affected areas. Find all the distribution points of the virus and destroy them. Collect various weapons to destroy hordes of zombies using the entire arsenal and shield for protection and survival.

Survivors will receive the bank that has been accumulated all day by participants of previous unsuccessful operations.

Undead riot

Vroom vroom! Introducing the ultimate P2E mini-racing game with 9 thrilling tracks.

Get ready to experience the rush of high-speed racing as you navigate through a variety of challenging courses. From winding roads to city streets, each track offers a unique and exciting experience. Choose from a collection of 25 cars and compete against other racers to see who can cross the finish line first. With stunning graphics and play-to-earn feature, this game will keep you on the edge of your seat.

So buckle up and get ready to race your way to victory and start earning!

Mini Racing
GMN mini Games
Free HTML 5 Games Collection
GMN Neuro

Neural network for auxiliary functions (tracking the player's body in AR/VR and fitness activities), was created with the participation of doctors and specialists of the wellness industry. It is a detailed adaptation of game scenarios and interaction with the player based on his technical, spatial and physical capabilities, providing the most accurate operation of gestures and control algorithms.


Our revolutionary “3x combo” console allows you to have a modular gaming and media station, allowing you to play any modern games where it is convenient for you. You can also watch movies and listen to music, and even include Nodes of any level.

Play to earn

Do you like to spend a lot of time playing games and want to make money on it? Then we suggest you visit the gaming hub where you can find a lot of interesting games that can be launched directly from a web browser. By playing, you earn game money, which you can spend on buying game items in any of our games or even transfer them to another cryptocurrency.

Security and Protection

One wallet for all games allows players to use one account to play different games and also store their funds on an independent decentralized blockchain, and have access to them from any game connected to the General Meta Network.

Convenience, comfort and protection of the player's money is our key goal.

AR/VR Games Support

More and more attention is being paid to the development of games for virtual reality and augmented reality. Modern technology allows you to create truly revolutionary devices for maximum immersion in a video game. We want to create a truly global world of interconnected games.

Play on any device

Play on any device and even just from a web browser. Many games of various complexity and colorfulness are available on our gaming hub. These are games for every interest and for all ages. We are constantly adding new games of our own development and third-party indie studios.


General Meta network

Game Development

We develop our own flagship projects implementing the maximum capabilities of our platform, test them and improve them by tracking statistics in our own games.

We don't focus on genre or setting, we focus on the quality of the content to provide you with the most comfortable gaming experience.

Game Publishing

We are on a constant hunt to publish various games from independent developers. We provide them with all the necessary tools to enhance the development of their products.

Only high-quality and safe projects from third-party developers will be given access to our hub. We comprehensively evaluate the quality of any game before publishing it.


How to earn

Time Generated

Build buildings to earn money or sellable resources.

Minor yet continuous profit

PVP battles

Take part in various battles. Make your bets, fight and win.

Risky but comes with big profits

Unique items

Earn unique items or buy in-game NFTs to be sold later at auction

Slow but comes with big profits


Crypto Technology

The simplest and only way to implement play-to-earn business model is by using blockchain technology. Here are some of the reasons we use blockchain:

  • Transparency
  • Worldwide Availability
  • Easy exchange of all digital currencies in the world
  • Minimal costs for administering player accounts
  • Fees less than 1 cent
  • Transaction speed of 3-5 seconds

General Meta Network is building it's first layer decentralized blockchain to unlock unlimited possibilities for a truly unique gaming experience.

We are not affiliated with any financial institution and do not want to become part of the global financial system. Simply put, we want to provide the best gaming hub for players and developers.

Crypto Technology
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Join our amazing referral program now and let's make this project a success together!

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